The artwork of puppetry in Egypt dates again to historical instances and the rule of the Pharaohs.

Puppet performances, and so-called shadow theatre productions, have been additionally widespread in the course of the Ottoman Empire.

Decided to maintain the leisure kind alive, is Egyptian Mohamed El-Sawy, who in 2004 established the El-Sakia Puppet Theatre.

The puppet fanatic’s ardour even extends to carving the mannequins himself, and hand-stitches their costumes.

On the primary Thursday of each month, an viewers of some 500 folks collect for the El-Sawy Culturewheel Theatre within the Zamalek district of Cairo for his puppet reveals.

Lately, the theatre staged a tribute live performance for the legendary Egyptian singer, Umm Kulthum who died 45 years in the past.

To maintain younger members engaged, and unfold Egyptian heritage, the corporate additionally places on instructional performs that tour each North Africa and Europe.

Pulling strings

“We’re very pleased with this present, and we maintain reminding ourselves that individuals love Umm Kulthum, [and] her sound,” Mohamed El-Sawy informed Euronews. “What we do is simply a small addition to her heritage, however once more, it’s Umm Kulthum that draws folks and we do our greatest to not disappoint.”

Inas Ramdan Farhan has been a puppetry fan and viewers member at El Sawy’s theatre for ten years.

Lately she determined to enrol in a workshop to grasp the time outdated hand craft.

“I find it irresistible a lot, and actually it’s my dream,” says Farhan. “Abruptly you discover your puppet between your fingers, and [you’re] on stage. [The] sound, the viewers, it’s actually superb.”


Indian puppeteer Sangya is pulling strings to make folks smile.


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