Tea: ‘the very best substance on this planet’, in accordance with British comic Billy Connolly, and a cornerstone of civilisation which dates again 5,000 years.

Based on legend, it was Chinese language Emperor Shen Nong who by chance found the enjoyment of tea in a fable which parallels Newton’s discovery of gravity.

Sooner or later, the Emperor was sitting in his backyard when a leaf from the Camellia Sinensis (now generally known as the tea plant) dropped right into a pot of water which was being boiled for consuming. Emperor Nong, a famend herbalist, loved the infusion so completely that tea consuming in China preceded the West’s intrigue by a number of millennia.

Quick ahead to the 1600s. Fairly a vital time for Europe as many historians view this period as ‘the rise of Western Civilisation’. This century noticed the Thirty Years’ Struggle, the English Civil Struggle, the Age of Science (second shout-out of the article to Newton) and European politics present process an increase in non secular battle. Nations divided, recreation altering discovery in movement, and Cromwell lower Christmas within the UK.

Fortunately by this level (as a result of you possibly can’t beat a cuppa underneath duress), tea had made its method by way of a fancy community of buying and selling routes within the East (headed up by the Portuguese and the Dutch) to Europe and the UK. In 1664, with the demand for tea booming throughout Britain, the East India Firm positioned an order for 100lbs. By 1750, annual imports have been pitted at almost 500,000 lbs.

These days, India stays one of many greatest producers of tea globally, with 70 per cent of its inventory consumed inside the nation itself. The place the associations between India and tea initially stem is considerably disputed. Many imagine that tea was dropped at India by the silk caravans that travelled from China to Europe. Nevertheless, the Camellia Sinensis can also be a home plant species of India. It’s broadly thought that native Indian communities already used the leaves in cooking, and for its medicinal properties with out realising the quickly rising demand throughout the continent.

Formally, although, tea was launched to India by the British. In an effort to usurp China’s monopoly on the plant, Britain tried to domesticate the mass development of Camellia Sinensis within the Assam Valley and the Darjeeling Mountains. After many unsuccessful makes an attempt over 14 years, tea manufacturing in India lastly began to speed up within the 1820s.

In up to date tradition, tea takes many types. We’ve boiled it down to a couple of our favourites right here.

Bubble tea, Taiwan

Bubble tea originated in Taichung, Taiwan within the early 1980s. The tea base can both be black, inexperienced or oolong tea, with or with out milk. Tapioca pearls are the prevailing ‘bubble’ ingredient of this beverage, although different substances resembling bubbles could also be used.

Chai tea, India

In recent times, this spice mix from India has turn out to be widespread in espresso homes around the globe. ‘Chai’ is the Hindi phrase for tea, deriving from the Chinese language ‘cha’ – additionally which means tea. Chai recipes differ, however often contain a mixture of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black peppercorns.

Matcha tea, Japan

Matcha is a finely floor powder, a mix of specifically grown and processed inexperienced tea leaves. The flavour has been an essential a part of Japanese tradition for the reason that 1100s. As with chai, matcha has just lately turn out to be an built-in a part of espresso home tradition on a global scale.

Mate, Argentina

Mate is the nationwide tea of Argentina. Mate, maté, chimarrão or cimarrón, is a caffeine-rich concoction shaped by drying, chopping, then grinding the leaves of the yerba mate plant.

Earl Gray, UK

As we’re nicely conscious, tea is virtually a British birthright. This UK creation is black tea flavoured by the addition of bergamot. It’s typically taken black with a slice of lemon.

Iced tea, USA

There are two varieties of this American chilly brew: iced tea and candy tea. Historically, iced tea is what you may count on: unsweetened black tea on ice. Fruit infused variations are additionally a factor, and are literally fairly huge in hotter European international locations. Candy tea, nevertheless, is a little bit of a deep south unique. With out being too specific, it’s principally iced tea with sugar. However in southern US states, it’s a part of a life-style, served all 12 months spherical and with any meal.

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