A British agency has been awarded a €280,000 contract by the European Area Company to extract oxygen out of lunar rocks.

The North East England agency Metalysis can already take away the fuel from rocks in a lab and now they hope to additional adapt this course of to work on the lunar floor.

If that works it might open up the likelihood for extraction amenities on the moon that produce oxygen and worthwhile supplies on the floor. Producing oxygen on the moon would bypass the costly choice of transporting it there.

Some hope that this might be the precursor to establishing a everlasting base and long-term area exploration.

Mark Sym, a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry on the College of Glasgow, advised Euronews that almost half of those lunar rocks’ mass is oxygen.

“The method has been developed from a system that works within the lab from the manufacturing of metals from their ores,” Sym mentioned.

“Lunar rocks are put into a tool which passes an electrical present by means of it and generates oxygen and metallic alloys,” he added, explaining that this course of remains to be in an early stage.

He mentioned he hoped the work would “allow people to conduct scientific analysis on the moon.”


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