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  1. Seriously guys ,Trump is not good , but joe Biden lie to his country and betray his country- U.S.A . Joe Biden , should step down…. immediately!!! Beacuse he is wrost than Trump , have read the today New York Post – and this is true . When I read it, I was very surprised…this is worst than Trump👎👎👎👎 god bless America

  2. I get so sick of democrats bringing up the popular vote. trump didn't try to win the popular vote. he tried to win the ELECTORAL VOTE. oh, how the democrats want all elections to be decided by the popular vote. all they would need is one AMNESTY bill passed after we went to a popular vote and they would be guaranteed to control the white house forever. what scum! so they bring in poor immigrants from other countries who vote democrat because they are poor and they want all types of govt services (which cost money). services such as free healthcare, free daycare, free education, food stamps, low cost govt subsized housing, etc. and I don't blame the poor immigrants for this. but this is why democrats are trash. they say they are fighting for the little people because of their love and compassion. but it's because of the power they will get if their plan succeeds.

  3. We the lay people would like to know what the trump administration has done well for America since being in office and what they can improve on. We also like to know what the Democrats have done since they have been part of the political climate since trumps administration election? We don’t want political bias , gossip , fake and scare mongering reporting. That would be great journalism.

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  5. With the exception of gov. Christie who thinks his own thoughts, these puppets replay the Democrat's talking points. The repetition is not only boring but it proves the talkers are brain-dead (no positive thought about America).
    But the ultimate deception is to lie to the camera while the screen shows the exact opposite. The videos show looting, fires, & killing by "Democrat peaceful protestors."
    Dems are documented Serial Liars.
    Adam of CA.

  6. Schweitzer said that the result of his investigation is that "The Biden family has benefited from the Chinese government and made a lot of money. I am not talking about Chinese companies, but the Chinese government. It happened during the period when Biden became the contact person for the Obama administration's China policy."

    Schweitzer said that Biden’s problem is not the low-level corruption that everyone is accustomed to, nor is it the corruption exported by the CCP. In addition to making money for the Biden family, Hunter also established a business partnership. Hunter is a director of Bohai Huamei (BHR), a Chinese investment company, which is funded by the Chinese government to acquire companies that are useful to the Chinese military.

    "They are anchor investors of China General Nuclear Power Group, and the General Nuclear Power Group was actually accused by the FBI of stealing US nuclear secrets. They also acquired a US (military-civilian) dual-use technology company, that is, The technology produced by the company can be used in both military and civilian fields. They (buying that company) are actually to help the Chinese military." Schweitzer said.

    The Biden family's situation in China is much worse than in Ukraine. Schweitzer added.

  7. We do not consent to your lies and deception. We do not agree with you deceiving our brothers and sisters. We do not consent to your fear mongering that lowers our vibrational frequencies. Expect justice soon and steadfast. We see all of your evil works and are not here to forgive you. We won't forget anyone who has hurt the children of Gaia. Expect us to bring justice to the hopeless and reign vengeance upon the guilty who helped, looked the other way, or funded these crimes against our brothers and sisters. Expect us !!!

  8. Christie your an IDIOTA’ the republicans are the current administration. You just admitted they can’t do their job and jabbing at the Democrat’s to do it instead how reversed is this. So the republican administration are in office just to do their own agenda and not put country and constituents first hmmmmm🤔 so their ploy is just blame everything on democrats, covid19, weather storms, climate, etc. Wow how weak. This republican administration is the worse it was not like this when president Ronald Reagan to president Bush was in office. It’s very clear that the republicans are covering up Donald’s faults and discriminating statements against Americans. He only wants to help his supporters not all voters. A president looks at voters as a whole, a United and Donald just displayed in his RNC convention that its ok his supporters can hurt and kill peaceful protesters. Donald’s hate poisoned the integrity of good will and trust of Americans. We are better than this. We the people must Rise Up with courage, bravery and TRUTH. Our America. Part of President George inaugural speech should be considered why we need a wise leader to secure and protect our nation and its people in it:
    “He then immediately turned to an issue he believed was of particular importance, though potentially controversial: establishing a standing army. Connecting the continuation of the “peace and plenty with which we are blessed” with the need for a regular army, Washington asserted that “providing for the common defence will merit particular regard. To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”

    The president went on to outline what he saw as the republic's most important challenges. He argued pointedly that Congress should fund and support efforts to protect the interests of the United States in foreign affairs.9 He encouraged Congress to consider key domestic issues including immigration, the establishment of a national currency and standard of weights and measures, and the establishment of a post office and system of education.”


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