Hilarious, tragic, stirring, this fly-on-the-wall take a look at a number of weeks in an Iranian divorce courtroom supplies a singular window into the intimate circumstances of Iranian …



  1. He has sexual problems. She means he has erectile dysfunction. She says on our first night of honeymoon he did nothing. A week later I had to make the first sexual advances but he won't get arousal or do anything.

  2. you have to ask his permission to leave your house…omg.. you must make yourself attractive to win him back? she doesn't want him back at all.. and live with him for 3 months and 10 days after divorce? WTF!

  3. Umm did that poor women people are referring to as being strong and amazing as a poor oppressed Iranian woman say she would rather throw her child under a bus or kill her in another fasion rather then let the dad have her… hmmmmm wtf

  4. There's so much to learn from this, do not rush into marriage even if its arranged. Its not your parents getting married but you, and with marriage comes a lot of legal obligations. To all the ladies in Iran, be wise.

  5. I am proud of Ziba, go get that law degree, and help the women in your country. As for the wedding gift, let him stay with it, you are going to make more money in future, more than what he will ever have.

  6. In as much as this Kadhi is trying his best to resolve the issues, I am of the opinion that he is highly unfair to the women, he doesn't listen to them or their complaints. I am a muslim and I understand the deen, not so much as he does, but it doesn't sit right with me the injustices that this women are facing. Example is the lady who is losing custody just because she is re-married? Does it sound right to him that the kids be brought up by a step mom yet their biological mom is alive? Is it even right to separate a mother from her children? When a man insults a woman its okay yet when a woman insults a man she's jailed and termed as immoral? That's an injustice even in front of Allah. Surely, they'll pay.

  7. And all these ANTIFA fucks complain about America. Lol. One of my military sons has traveled all over the world as a Special Operations Sgt and he says the main thing wrong with that generation is they've never been punched in the mouth! I agree. Spoiled children is all they are. Lazy ones at that. Go live in Iran then.

  8. "She's a language teacher, would a language teacher use bad language?" boi, the best part of being multilingual is you can swear in multiple languages, what's your point?

  9. Although it's still not okay today in Iran, but the film is old, it's for about 1980s as I know the city and people costumes shown in the film. Nowadays some laws have changed to something more helpful for women.
    but anyway, this is what religious regime gives the society… it's all the product of made up Islamic laws.


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