full recreation JDG vs SN G1 lol worlds 2020 Quarter Finals PlayOffs – JD Gaming vs Suning Recreation 1. Season 10 lol eSports World Championship 2020 in China.



  1. SN plays well, but lacks experience… They completely missed the point of picking Bard. 15:35 24:55 When enemy is doing RT, your JG should be on bot side trading drake or bot/mid lane tower, and have Bard at mid in case they summon it. Any usual drake/tower-RT trade for Bard's team is a big win cause Bard basically nullify enemy's RT. Why fight for RT at all?

  2. Honestly, that was a horrible Baron initiation. 2 of JDG'S members were down and instead of finishing off Baron, they tried to zone the other 3 JDG members off. Zoning is almost always NEVER a good idea because they could have finished off Baron faster and run away because it was a 5v3 and JDG wouldn't be able to contest.

  3. 14:00 Why merc treads on Lillia here? I think swifties is actually the way to go. Only ap dmg threat on Suning is Galio, as well as the only cc threat being Galio. Whereas if you had swifties, you’d prevent tons of slows from GP (barrel), MF (E), Bard (Q+Meep), Galio (Q, I think?) plus high MS on Lillia is vital. Imagine swifties reducing all those slows on top of phase rush, maybe blue smite, and lillia passive

  4. People hating on DWG, look at Doinbs stream, you cant go clown fiesta against a team that can punish the risks lpl teams take. They need G2 to beat the LCK teams. They are all here to win not to satisfy your bronze egos.


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