SEASON 5 EPISODE 6 [2016] It is a assembly of the minds. Eric Andre, who got down to be the world’s worst speak present host, meets his match in one of many planet’s …



  1. To me, this exchange at 8:23 sums up the entire interview. There’s just some form of underlying brilliance to Eric Andre and his comedy. There isn’t anyone out there doing what he’s doing and it’s kind of amazing!

  2. I'm not sure how many of you guys have worked around cameras/TV crew before but the fact that he spends so long looking directly into the camera is sending people into a full blown panic I promise

  3. Larry: "What is ranch?"
    Eric: "I'm in the hot seat now, Larry."
    Larry (with more emphasis): "What is ranch?"
    Eric: "Ranch is a sauce that you put on a salad." (Shrugs) "Surprised you didn't know that."


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