1. they had to search high and low to find guys this green as owl shit. i have dealt with africans over the years and if they spoke french or english they are not so hickified that they don't have a clue about such things.

  2. When they were trying the doughnut, I despised the look on the man who was standing nearby staring at them. It was a look that seemed to say "Who are these idiots? They should go home." Did anybody else notice that?

  3. aqui se demuestra mas la ignorancia de los americanos que de ellos, se nota que no tienen cultura y no conocen mas que su país, no son capaces de aceptar que en otros lados se vive diferente a ellos.

  4. I think when they ask them if they live in a jungle,it is meant more So is your home or campsite in a jungle.:/Just like if you ask someone do you live in the city,it is implied they mean a house and not do you live in the streets.It is cultural slang that they do not understand.They do not understand our ways and we do not understand there,so the cultural ignorance goes both ways.:/ They think Americans are unfriendly because they do not randomly talk to people walking alone,but where we come from we have a different understanding of stranger danger.They do not and they think it is critical.They feel isolated due to cultural shock,but when you assimilate you get in groups of people where it is not weird to just walk into a friends house and eat their food like it is your own.They are ignorant of our ways and we are ignorant of theirs.But just like everyone is defending their view of us maybe someone should do the same for us not understanding theirs.They came here to assimilate.When in Rome do as the Romans do.We ask things to understand and they get offended…But if we do not talk to them they get offended!There is no winning sometimes until people look through each others eyes.

  5. It's amazing and sometimes frightening to experience the culture of another. It was interesting to see how they interacted with everything. I think things are better, can't say economically and politically though, in their country. A country where people look out for and help each other. They moved to an intimidating place. I don't know how they could say they had more freedom there.

  6. Very enlightening, claims have been made for centuries as to the relation between "race" and "IQ" but I think if more people spent the time truly understanding the depth of impact culture has in how a person sees the world they would not be so quick into concluding that people of different backgrounds are somehow inferior in their abilities.


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