Web evaluation: the darkish sides of flex tradition! Smokey Glow’s video, the issue with flex tradition – https://youtu.be/6QTQnNY4yLQ TIME STAMPS: 0:00 – intro …



  1. Don’t forget to check out Smokey Glow!! Hannah’s video on flex culture: https://youtu.be/6QTQnNY4yLQ
    0:00 – intro
    0:35 – what is flexing?
    2:30 – flexing on youtube
    2:57 – “new money” vs “old money”
    4:19 – the excessiveness of flexing
    5:45 – my opinions on designer/luxury items
    7:30 – the normalization of luxury clothing (Smokey Glow)
    8:24 – why are luxury brands all over youtube now?
    8:59 – luxury brands’ low wages and bad working conditions
    10:26 – overconsumption
    11:09 – the environmental impact of flex culture
    12:03 – the glorification of flying in private planes
    14:01 – bad influences for children
    17:49 – we are taught to desire luxury items, but are they worth it??
    19:26 – the unrealistic expectations of the influencer lifestyle
    20:18 – you don’t need new clothes constantly to be stylish
    20:50 – fake flexing
    22:37 – the illusion of a perfect appearance
    23:18 – the cost of trying to become an influencer
    24:08 – influencers can rent “aesthetic” apartments just for photos
    25:22 – Lil Tay
    26:13 – rent a private jet just for photos
    26:40 – some youtubers buy tons of clothes just for hauls, then return it
    27:25 – flex culture encourages the counterfeit market

  2. Luke from Haute le Mode often does reactions to rich people showing their gargantuan closets, and something that he generally brings up, is that when they are talking about why they bought something it's not cause they love the design but it's something more on the lines of "oh this bag is so iconic, I had to buy it" or something like that. Like they esentially buy this stuff not because they love fashion but because they know it will get recognized and they can brag about having designer items.

  3. Really really sad people think constantly buying things and posting them on line to show off is attractive behavior. My generation thinks people who do that have zero self esteem and are trying to feel alive through their self glorification😜

  4. Whoa… I can't believe she touhced on the values of rich people.. BOLD move. Not very YouTube friendly.. this is my exact problem with the rich.. especially rich influencer who promote this vapid, gratuitous gluttonous materialism.. and the masses follow and idealize this behavior.. it's appauling. Thanks for pointing that out. Kuddos

  5. On the topic of DIY, definitely check out Micarah Tewers. She's the best.
    If you want vintage fashion DIY from a dress historian, check out Bernadette Banner. She's also the best.

  6. I’m a LV girl and have collected over the yrs but I buy ones a I love one at a time. Most of her bags are the most basic. If she’s really flexing LV fans buy the leather bags. The logo bags are patented canvas. Leather bags aren’t so obvious. I have many bags that you would know we’re LV but they last a lifetime.

  7. The term “flex” has very masculine or macho origins. It was used to describe someone who was showing strength by saying something aggressive and intimidating to another person, to indicate they themselves aren’t threatened by that person or group of people. In gang culture an example would be blatantly riding or walking through another gangs neighborhood talking trash etc. Modern versions of this would be all the gangsters on IG promoting their block, wearing custom jewelry with their gangs or streets they identify with, flashing guns while bragging how they are the toughest or about how much drugs they sell and how much money they make. Basically chest thumping. Flex being used as a term to describe flaunting money and designer clothing racks material things is a recent use of the word and in my opinion a misuse of the word. Showing off your gaudy taste and flexing are not the same thing.

  8. You know I'm not rich and I'm not pretending to be money don't mean nothing to me. I have enough to survive on that's it. I had lost everything but I'm really thankful for what I do have. And your right kids shouldn't be watching YouTube that has anything that has to do with money I agree with you on that.

  9. Dude what's so funny is the alyssa violet picture with the 8 bags is not even only flexing ITS WORSE than flexing, its literally a part of a scam where influencers BUY FOLLOWERS !! And the caption used to say "hey go enter this competition where you have to follow all these people and you can win 8 bags like this" and then once the scam is over they switch the caption apparently lazily.

  10. I hate it when other kids at school point out my basketball shoes… My family got them for me because I play basketball and for the grip, I need for my clumsy ass instead of practically figure skating. I know nothing about shoe brands so I just sit there awkwardly as they question me uncomfortably. I don't even care if they are dirty, I wear them every day and I don't need another pair since those basketball ones are comfortable and still functional without going full alligator unlike the other ones do almost every year… People who only want to talk to me about my shoes or the fake earbuds I got passed down from a sibling gives me a bad impression of that person if they immediately ignore my existence. I really don't care about validation, unless it's for important applications, I'm just trying to impress myself based on how much I survive and succeed in school and other things 😒😒

  11. I agree with you I don’t think children should be brought into this culture my mother used to dress me and my brother really casually but we were also very adventurous with our clothing. So my mother used to buy clothes from target when we were younger and then once we started to get into the age where we could dress for ourselves and we started to get a fashion sense we didn’t really care I went into justice and I would probably buy three items each time we would go and the rest came from birthdays, Christmas from my mother‘s friends overseas . My brother just dressed in target (I think he still does). But for me my “special” clothing was those overseas clothes because they either came from the Bahamas (younger me) or Singapore and that’s what kind of mold is my fashion was Asian and the classiness of British Royals ( because my parents are British but I was born in Singapore) so I’m always overdressed 😂but pieces that won’t go out of style. i’m also really glad I didn’t really have to get that deep in to jewelry because most of my jewelry was passed down more recently through one of my grandmothers so now I have absolutely gorgeous pearls

  12. Hi, new viewer here, just randomly came across this video. Really really like it and totally share your view.

    Just one tiny little thing: even if you never flew, your carbon footprint probably wouldn't be "very small" because that is next to impossible in a country like the US. I looked up my footprint a while back and just the way me life is set up in a western industrialized country (Germany in my case), I'd have a really hard time making my footpirnt anything other than ridiculously bigger than it should be. Just the fact that I live in a relatively spacious apartment and go to work by car every day put me over the edge. Even if I ate only vegan (which I don't) and never flew anywhere (which I do) I would still consume way more than my fair share.

    Sorry, just sayin. 🙂

  13. Flexing one’s virtue is nonetheless…a form of flexing. I don’t like the flex culture – whether it’s the flexing of consumer excesses, or 32 minutes reminding viewers of the sanctity of her own spending beliefs & environmental behavior

  14. Private jets are only 8x less efficient per passenger? That's surprising. Considering a private jet is for, let's say 5 people cause the rich person is bringing their friends, and a commercial plane is like 180 people, I thought it would be much worse, even if we count for the fuel difference between those two planes.

  15. the fact that this is a thing in the 21st century, and with all of the horrible socioeconomic problems we face, not to mention environmental destruction, is just so alarming. the earth is dying, but shop on for the useless luxury crap to shove in the faces of your coveting 'friends'.


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