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  2. the original punishment wasnt disproportional..they should of been banned…Rightfully
    they were not cleared..just lawyered the case into limbo. No wonder they employed the BEST criminal lawyers in the bussiness…Saudi have good and long relationship with them. Mafia stuff at it's scariest best.
    And the FFP is controversial only in a way that just happened. That it can kill smaller clubs that do one little miss-step….but it not apply for big criminals like PSG(Qatar) and City(Saudi).
    Manchester City fans are happy, their players are happy, Guardiola is happy…..Rest of the football world should cry because it was proven there is no way to stop these criminals who are killing the football…CG

  3. It’s a disgrace a huge disgrace of football now the rich owners can just do whatever they want and dominate the league win everything and the other team has to fight to survive relegation

  4. Tell me something, when UEFA banned ALL ENGLISH CLUBS from European football after Heysel, I was under the impression you couldn't appeal such a decision. No matter how unfair it was on the other clubs, they just had to suck it up. You could not go against UEFA.

    Now that there's billions of Euros involved, all of a sudden you can challenge UEFA decisions via CAS.

    I guess when you are able to point to a bottomless pit of crude oil & natural gas, CAS will fight tooth and nail for you.

  5. I really like Pep, and I'm a big fan of City.
    But if they were innocent, they wouldn't be fined 10m.
    I wouldn't take a 10m fine if I was truly innocent, even if I had 100B on the bank.
    So yea, I think it's obvious they bribed themselves out.
    If you take bribes, make them waterproof.
    Or just leave FFP out of football.

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  7. If they had done no wrong why change the punishment to a fine when everyone knows 10 million is nothing to Manchester City. They definitely paid more on the side. This is a joke. If they did wrong they should still have the same punishment. Now the teams who thought 5th place meant champions league. Now it doesn't this is a joke. Can't be changing decisions that affect other teams when theres only three games to play. What a joke.

  8. Well City, you can lift that CL trophy next year, or the year after, or the one after that……we all know it’s dirty now. You gone tainted your name. And yes, you did 100% break the financial FairPlay rules. You all deserve a damn FBI investigation or something for how deep and corrupt it all is.


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