VIDEO: The morning after a 27-year-old man was fatally shot and a 7-year-old boy was injured throughout a capturing at a youth soccer recreation in Arlington, …



  1. Another reason that Jacksonville sucks. I left years ago And found peace in other states. What a joke you are 904. Shame on you, I'm embarrassed to say that I grew up in Jacksonville. Yuck. Get out while you can, life is soo much better in other places.

  2. BLM should work on reducing b on b murders. That’s the low hanging fruit. Eighty nine pcnt of b people killings are committed by b criminals. About 7000 b people are killed every year. 6300 are killed by b criminals.
    Blaming the police is completely unproductive

  3. If nobody else was shot, it could be a hit. It could also be a serial killer that kills at random. It seems like we are all living in hell, people just need to hit the bong and get along my god. Its sad to hear more killings happening.

  4. its up to the people to stop the animals you complain about the police but wont control the animals somebody has to step up then. you and only you are the answer to the problems.

  5. Sad these TRUMP supporters are using this situation to show their arrogance😂🤷‍♂️ It shows how responsible you all feel for what your W counterparts are doing. You are correct about the Black Communities needing to speak up more and not just when it’s the cops doing the shooting. SAD part is a little boy was shot and no one said anything.

  6. Tell me again how black lives matter. That would about like the leader of one religion going after p does in society or on the internet. Clean your house then talk to me. All lives matter! That, for me, includes every life of every imaginable color. As long as the media continues to divide us we can’t win. We, is you and me… and her and him and them… everyone!

  7. Let me get this straight. No justice no peace, defund the police… hello yes 911 we need your help. Obviously its the criminals committing more crimes that are calling for this. These people don't want justice for anyone they just want to brain wash the masses and the police are the only thing in their way of raping and pillaging.


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