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  2. Why did you give yourself such a sad task my friend? I appreciate you taking the time to inform us, I just hope by doing this, it doesn't make you super sad. Great video made with such respect and beautiful music. Stay well and positive

  3. For Venu Madhav: FYI Date of year born says 1979 and age of death says 50 but that's impossible..he must've been born in 1969 because I'm born in 1977 and I'm 42..or he was 39 when he died and not 50..regardless may each and everyone of them rest easy 👼🙏🙏

  4. This is NOT "NEWS" by any stretch of the imagination. This is just more of the Cult of Celebrity Worship, the biggest religion of idiot Americans who are living their lives vicariously through the lives, activities, and deaths of PERFECT STRANGERS whom they have never met, never will meet, and who do not give a damn about their idiot worshipers.

  5. very well put togather, i dont always remember who people are, but once i read what they did i remember, in the end life is short, use your time well, for time is all any of us has.


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