Be part of me as i’m going deal with myself at the moment. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY FOOD CHANNEL HERE Let’s Be Buddies …



  1. Yes o. That's us. We are the chairwomen of the billionaires club. We really needed to take that time to relax…

    "People fail to understand how frustrating it is, when you are made of money…"😎

  2. MATURITY is not by making MOUTH or NETHER by BLABBING TOO MUCH. JEALOUSY CAN ONLY LEAD TO DESTRUCTION , JUST LIKE THE BIBLE SAID THOSE THAT HAS EARS LET THEM HEAR!!!! Who so ever GOD has blessed no one or evil can bring him or her down. A saying once said that too much PREACHING is not too good on evening service. LOLZ 😂. When you see anyone man or woman everything one is HATING OR SPEAKING EVIL AGAINST, JUST CHECK THAT PERSON IS EITHER A GREAT MAN OR WOMAN and those talking has already seen with their evil eyes whom that person is. I rest my CASE . As a servant of GOD I need not to talk much .

  3. Neloooooo. I’m in the same parenting WhatsApp group with you🤣🤣🤣🤣. I like the fact that you are enjoying yourself. Billionaire something 😜😜. Enjoy!
    And the plant, Neloooo🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. I weak.


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