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  1. Terry, youve got a great channel, however i feel as though you've strayed away from what made this channel great. Back in the day when u almost did the most to avoid bantering other clubs were much better, i reckon if you bring on fans to talk and use banter when outrageous statements are made is where this channel is different to others. I feel as though now you arnt unbiased when you make judgements. Just give a few videos in that non bias state and see the reaction.

  2. Reiss Nelson is still very young so not judging him yet, I think he needs a loan in the prem to see what he can do. I would rather we didn't sign players at Williams age but I can see the logic as we have a lot of young wingers and midfielders with little experience.

  3. Willian should go down as one of Chelsea's best this century. Fans really do under estimate him but I agree it is time for him to move on and leave room for the Lamps kids revolution. Goodbye and good luck Arsenal need all the help they can get.

  4. Personally I think Laca will go, Wllian is good to add to our young wingers (and they are young) and has vast winning experience than all our wingers combined, Auba will play down the middle IMO as Arteta wants to build the squad around him and with the correct players around him to assist him he will bang loads more goals than he does now, I will add though that although I think Willian makes sense (some fans blinkered by their hate of other teams players), we do need a lot more than just Willian though.

  5. People seem to be missing the point that – Willan is an experienced, skillful BRAZILIAN player – that can act as a Mentor to the potential Wonderkid that is Martinelli – having a fellow Brazilian who plays (at least currently) in the same positon could be HUGELY beneficial to his future developement – and an Investment him as well as gaining a top squad player


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