Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged to choose a lady as his working mate, however who will or not it’s? NPR’s Domenico Montanaro and Elena …



  1. Because whoever is going to be vice president will be telling him what to do because he's not very smart and plus he's going to pick up a woman now if I would tell my employees that they can only be men I'll be in the law office so fast he's a very stupid man he doesn't know how to do anything but take orders from people

  2. Research cartoon portrayals of black women presidents. It is one of the first and most effective indoctrination tools for young people. Amanda Waller is one of them. Highly effective and highly liked. Please research this.

  3. It seems commentators in general have just about counted Warren out. I
    personally think Warren could be another FDR – at a time when our contry
    is facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. If
    Biden was honest about wanting to choose someone who could step into the
    presidency on day one, I don't see how you could find anyone with more
    charisma, drive and financial know-how than Warren.

  4. Biden-Cuomo Is the Way to Beat Trump.The former vice president promised a female running mate, but the world has changed since then.The Democrats’ overriding imperative is to oust Donald Trump. Their other ambitions—putting a woman on the ticket, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All—should be put on hold. They are irrelevant to the purpose at hand.The Democrats’ job isn’t to persuade the already-persuaded but to attract and reassure the unwoke—the millions of independents, conservative Democrats and discomfited Republicans who urgently seek a decent, plausible alternative to Mr. Trump. This election will be decided by the plague-on-both-their-houses center, by voters who now feel homeless.Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be his running mate. The latest poll by Fox News shows Mr. Biden running dead even against Mr. Trump, 42% to 42%, having lost an 8-point lead since the coronavirus’s arrival in America. Twenty years after the hanging chads of Florida, the U.S. electorate is still split, with eerie precision, right down the middle.Mr. Biden has reason to worry. But including Mr. Cuomo on the ticket—a leader who is being battle-vetted as strong, calm, competent and blessedly nonideological in the thick of the crisis—is the best bet to draw enough votes from the disconsolate ambivalents to give Democrats the winning edge.
    Sometimes in chess, you have to sacrifice your queen in the interest of toppling the opponent’s king—or exchanging her in the heat of battle for a couple of bishops and a rook. Before the pandemic, Mr. Biden promised he would put a woman on the ticket. It was one of those mistakes of the moment that politicians make—like Teddy Roosevelt promising right after the 1904 election not to run for another term, or John McCain naming Sarah Palin as his running mate.
    Mr. Biden would pay a price for going back on his promise. He could mitigate the perceived betrayal by making clear that Democratic women would gain at least two bishops and two rooks—that a Biden administration would establish a female team of rivals, favoring Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and other women for cabinet posts and top White House jobs.
    Would Mr. Cuomo accept the second spot? Should Mr. Biden lose in 2020, the governor would be ideally situated for a presidential run in 2024. And if Mr. Biden wins? He is 77, and counting—almost certainly a one-term president if elected, and therefore an instant lame duck. He could offer the Biden-Cuomo partnership as a promise of continuity in power. He could cast Mr. Cuomo in a CEO role, in charge of managing the details of government, while he, as president, would be a kind of chairman, setting overall policy. Mr. Cuomo is a strong-minded, even autocratic character and might be difficult to control. But he couldn’t overrule the president. And Mr. Biden’s choosing a strong No. 2 would itself be a sign of strength.
    Mr. Cuomo would be Mr. Biden’s heir apparent. That is one reason Mr. Cuomo might like the deal—and one reason Democratic women might find it intolerable. If Mr. Cuomo ran for president in 2024 and again in 2028, the Democrats could have no woman at the top of their ticket until 2032.
    But we can’t see that far ahead. We proceed from day to day. Mr. Trump is now—the One Big Thing for Democrats, the Carthago delenda est. If Biden-Cuomo wins, all sorts of rooks and bishops and knights (including a vice-presidential spot on a Cuomo ticket in 2024) will come into play once this crisis is past.
    The hard dynamics of the 2020 race are entirely uncertain. Mr. Trump’s performance as leader during this pandemic will be decisive—and will depend on outcomes still unknown.
    The imperfect need not become the enemy of the good. To put it mildly, Mr. Biden’s age and appearance of fragility and weakness create shadows in voters’ minds. Mr. Cuomo’s strong presence on the ticket, and in a Biden administration, would give millions of unhappy voters sufficient hope to abandon the exhausting Mr. Trump and take a chance on a Biden-Cuomo continuum. Those are the voters who will decide the election in November.
    Mr. Morrow is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

  5. Ⓜ️ I know Joe and he’s not fit to be president. Liberal senile incompetent Democrat Joe Biden & Democrats campaign platform for 2020. Nothing I want how about you❓
    1. Raise everyone’s $ taxes $
    2. Open borders
    3. More sanctuary cities
    4. More defunding of police departments and give them squirt guns and take the real guns away.
    5. Mail in voting that leads to voting fraud
    6. More funding of evil baby killing abortion
    7. More occupied zones in major cities like – Chops
    8. Transgender bathrooms everywhere in public
    9. Cuts in military spending
    10. More regulations put back on businesses. A Stock market crash if Biden & Democrats Win. That’ll be a guarantee.


  7. Joe Biden campaign commercials are ridiculous. He's been a politician in our government for over thirty years. What the hell has he done for the American taxpayer this whole time? What has he done for our veterans, the middle class, minorities and the homeless all these years? And now all of a sudden he's going to work hard and make a difference. I call BS on you Biden. You are all talk and no action! Your a globalist swamp idiot creepy joe!!

  8. This is common sense. If he’s voted for president and actually gets elected president. In six months they’re going to realize he’s not fit to be the president so whoever is the second elect which is definitely going to be a woman of color or a man of color next nominee it’s already in process. Then liberals will be free of fascists and racism 🙄

  9. Whoever he picks will be garbage .He is a puppet .if he wins ok listen carefully if he wins the democrats will wait maybe 4 to 6 months then they will say that biden is not capable to stay in power due to health issues then warren will be president thats their plan .she will try to make the us as venezuela.thats exactly what democrats want

  10. No, Michelle Lujan is not going to boost Biden's chance of winning Texas or Arizona. There are NOT enough Latino in Texas or Arizona to swing these states to vote for Joe Biden. You need the undecided white voters too on top of Latino voters in order to win Texas and Arizona. The Latino will vote Democrat no matter what. What you need are the undecided white voters in order to win Arizona and Texas. Just Latino and Democrats alone is just NOT ENOUGH to swing Texas and Arizona BLUe. New Mexico is a SAFE BLUE state that will vote democrat no matter what…. Tammy Duckworth is the less threaten choice for undecided white voters. These undecided white voters will feel less threaten to lose their "whiteness" even though they vote for Tammy Duckworth…


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