I’ve noticed 5 ways in which business air journey has modified, because the COVID-19 pandemic started. 1. Airways are retiring four engine, much less gas environment friendly, …



  1. You're a cool dude bro. I'm devastated that travel has been so screwed up by politicians, induced paranoia and pretend-pandemic ( stats bullshitted for financial/political gain).

  2. Hi Sam, First off I would like to say that I really like your videos and interest in commercial aviation. I also have a very big interest in commercial Aviation and travel myself. If I may suggest for a new content, I don't know if you've heard of the TV show Pan Am. I honestly love the show and love the way it portrays the life of the Flight crew and how travel was a such a amazing experience back in the day. It would be nice if you watch the show maybe even just the first episode and tell us how you feel about it and what you think. Thank you and Happy Travels ✈

  3. Stop saying its the new normal. Wearing a mask is not normal. None of this is normal. Or will people be acting out these rules for the rest of there lifes?

  4. Sam they could add a PPE gown to the mask and glove kit and give it to the passengers as they are boarding the plane so they use this during the flight, there are raincoat type PPE gowns available and they could discard that after their flight

  5. preloaded and prepackaged meals…. yet the ticket prices remain ridiculously expensive. fk them. do the airlines realize that doesn't matter how clean the plane is and doesn't matter how contactless they are, the problem will always be from the passengers.

  6. Considering from mass consumption of food products packed in plastic, hopefully I could hear if there would be any strategic plans to switch from the culinary packages to eco-friendly alternatives…

    I believe the disposal of plastic coverings after airline service also has escalated into one of the main global issue since the unreal event has emerged in 2020…

  7. I have traveled before about a month ago or two from Jeddah to Abha which is a domestic flight in Saudi Arabia with a flying time of about an hour or 55 minutes, I traveled on FlyAdeal which is a low cost airline in Saudi Arabia and I paid about 30% more than the normal ticket price or even more because I wanted breakfast that should be purchased and they didn’t even serve me a bottle !!! 😠😢of water even though I paid much more money, and when I asked them about the food they said there’s no food because of the COVID-19 pandemic 😤 it was something very infuriating but what should I say 😶 😡👊Greetings from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦🤗

  8. Hey Sam – I am planning my trip home to Aus (when I can get a seat) on EK in F. Have you travelled with them lately in F or any upcoming trips? (fyi. I'm flying from YYZ but refuse to fly AC!)

  9. I see in Chai the excitement of this terrible situation. Not a negative word about what they are doing to us: the terror, the lockdowns, people losing their jobs and their lives because of it.
    On a positive note, I find ironic that all those who are enjoying it are the ones who were worried about plastic consumption and pollution. Long range planes are flying empty. I repeat:empty. No fuel waste? Plastic waste coming from masks, sanitaizers, all the plastic used on the planes as we see in the videos.
    What goes around, comes around. All evil gets back eventually to those who do it. Just a matter of time!

  10. Remember that evil-country released the virus that made air-travelling so uninteresting and killed lots of families over the world included your nation.

    Those people which are still happy to adopt this country's software such as TikTok are shameless person. Shame on them.

  11. In fact all changed….but soon everybody will discover the truth on this Coronagate…and all the lies…Airlines were controlled by obscur forces…and this is too is changing. In the future we will travel more freely, with more confort and services…and for a better prices !🗽🥂


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