BBC sports activities information correspondent Richard Conway experiences from China, which hopes to be a “world soccer superpower” by 2050. Please subscribe HERE …



  1. >population of 1.4 billion in China

    >football is their favorite sport

    >nobody scored in the World Cup history (1930~2018)

    >nobody scored in the UEFA Champions League (1956~2019)

    >nobody scored in even the UEFA Europa League (1971~2019)

    >have never won the AFC Asian Cup (1956~2019)

    >qualified once for the FIFA World Cup and lost all three group games (2002)

    >have no regular player in European leagues for dozen years

  2. china is shame of Asia. they are getting Brazilian lol hahaha. even though their population is top in the world. they don't have 11. lol we and japan call China the shame of Asia- from someone Korean

  3. China invest huge amount of top caliber of coaching staffs and players from oversea and yet they were upstaged by Korea, Japan, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Australia, Uzbeck and Syria in Asian Cup.

  4. Size matters, they have the market to develop. A country like South Korea only has population of 50 million and they just don't have enough fan and it applies to soccer sports business. Many of good players play in Europe because simply they pay much more. South korea doesn't have a single soccer specialized school, soon China will be signficantly recognized.

  5. The Chinese approach to everything: "Just put money and some of our own people in it" for the culturally materialistc drone-like Chinese the perfect solution.
    China has been putting billions into football yet they still can't even beat Iceland who has a population of 334.000 people. It's completely pathetic.

  6. This is new kind of war without using weapon. This is goverment propaganda to be top in the world using football as weapon and make them stand tall in the world as footballing nation because football is most popular sport in the world. Russian and american already do this in their league like Zenit st petersburg and La galaxy.

  7. Fuck Chinese communism poor people cannibalism……USA WILL BEAT YOU AT EVERYTHING😄😄😄😄😄😄😄U JUST KNOW "KUNG FU"……I MEAN"KUNG FUck"😅😅

  8. by buying a million eurpoean football players the chinese league isgoing to be the best but definetly not the national team.
    Maybe they work harder but western football players are more creativ which is very important for beeing a good footballplayer and you dont become creativ by working hard.

  9. They still call them himself great britain and act like this in the world. But in reallity they are just piece of shit and not great anymore. So they should be called bad britian. This will suit them much better.

  10. China is just taking out the money hungry players out of European football. It's a good thing what we are left with is pure gold. And I can't see myself supporting a club with a Chinese name, ever. I'll continue to watch premier league and La Liga no matter what.

  11. spend money how much your went China but as your spend from back India will get in the world cup and only India other small country will do so spend the money u went let see were China can go


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