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  1. That was sooo much fun!! I loved the segment with Steph &Gok. I like dress #2 and #3 equally. She is gorgeous so it was tough decision. Both dresses were very rock n roll and her figure is the bomb!

  2. Love Gok. He can dress me any day of the week. The way he always seems to find the exact perfect silhouette for each body and restoring a bit of confidence along the way is almost magical

  3. I cried when the second girl put on her second dress. It was amazing. If I ever marry, I wanna look that amazing at my wedding. She was stunning in that dress! I'm so happy they picked it even though it was a bit over her budget. Totally worth it!

  4. The second woman really had an iconic moment. I legit cried seeing her! She looked so beautiful in both dresses but the first one she tried on was an OMG moment! I generally dislike “sexy” wedding dresses but that first one made her look like a goddess

  5. HEY LUKE! could you please do a video on NCT 2020's new promotions. I think you'd really enjoy reviewing their styling and how they made 23 different suits for all the members (since you always complain about how men should be more innovative with their suit choices)

    here's a few vids for reference:

  6. To any other girl feeling overwhelmed after they don't like the dresses they see: I get you, I've been there. I went to every bridal boutique in town (high and low priced), tried a variety of silhouettes, colors and finishes; this process took weeks with the reserved appointments and all. And I was already thinking that I was screwed when I found "the one" in the last possible boutique in the list. It was double the price I initially considered, but worth it; also, in a lot of places they were hellbent on convincing me that mermaid dresses are not appropriate for my body type (hourglass) and guess what – I bought a mermaid!

  7. I think my favorite Say Yes to the Dress episode was this one where this woman saw the trailers for Fifty Shades Freed and wanted the character's dress, tbh. I don't think she'd ever seen the movie or anything. She just took note of the dress and loved it.

  8. OK the velvet/suede? wool zip up is cute. I like the fact it has that yachting double zip at the top and bottom. The colors look good, not on his jeans since I cant't see 'em. I like his haircut too. All in all, cute and very much 'new intern at work who everyone really loves' vibe.

  9. I did not like any of the dresses that the first bride tried on. I love the dress the second bride chose. All the dresses that she tried on were gorgeous. No one can beat Gok when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress. He really takes time to listen to every bride wishes.


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