One of many coolest issues about Serbia!!! Many properties make their very own rakija or do-it-yourself brandy….. as you may see, I’ve a tough time with Slivo.. ahahha.



  1. On Belgrade airport duty free, there is a section labeled "Souvenirs from Serbia". It is several walls of shelves full of different brands of rakija. Favorite modern brand is Rakia Bar, I sampled like 5-6 of their rakijas, it is hard to decide which is the best, all were amazing. Holds its own against single malts. Strong but smooth and full of nice subtle flavor.

    They are not like moonshine at all, they are proper quality spirits. If you fly via Nikola Tesla airport, do yourself a favor and get as many bottles of different rakija you can legally carry. Author failed to mention several types of rakija (LOL no wonder, when you start tasting them your memory tends to get fuzzy); dunja (quince), trava (sljivovica with herbs), loza (similar to italian grappa), medovina (mead), orahovaca (walnuts), viljamovka (williams pears, you can get williams in italian and swiss alps as well)…
    Anyway, Rakia Bar is proper modern distillery which took the Balkan rakija tradition to 21st century. Now when I have to change flights in Balkans, I try to go via Belgrade if possible, just to pick up some rakija LOL I tried with various czech, bulgarian, romanian, etc sljivovitzes, they tasted like gasoline.

  2. Man! I like very much all of your short films about my city, about Serbia and Serbian food.. You are the first American guy who visited my city (as I know, maybe I'm wrong..?) and make some interesting and funny videos about Serbia as your seeing us from your point of view and put them in public on You Tube.. without high politics and other craps.. Thank you my man! And, at the end of my comment, I wish you very welcome and salute you every time you visit us… Best wishes !

  3. you can make rakija in EU for your household. if you want to sell it than you register your distillery as a business and pay taxes.people don't want to pay taxes,that is the issue they are having,which is absurd


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