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  1. In line with JiKo thingy again in GD's recently held bday party in Japan, can we just take a moment and hear from Parker one more time at 2:36. Hahaha. If you got what I mean, then we're on the same side. If not, then you got a lot of "understanding" to do. One word though: SARCASM. Ufufufufu~

  2. I'm an Appler but I'm not gonna kill Gudo for dating Kiko or behead Kiko for dating Gudo. They're fucking human and they can date whoever the hell they want.

    Some Applers and SkDragon shippers are too noisy and nosy. I hope they'll realize that the center of the world is not DaraGon or SkDragon.

    The Kpop industry is a world of lies and secrets – just to create noise, money and privacy for the idols. Please put that in mind.

  3. I don't understand why people know Jiko is dating. But act surprise they are really dating.

    GD & Kiko been dating 2008 and now people act surprise they dated and break up?

    I believe GD break up with her.
    Like I believe Kiko dated GD on 2008 because of proof.

    However, I heard rumors about Seungri & GD are really too close.
    Meaning their relationship is too close as a bromance relationship.

    J-VIP source been telling me about GD and Seungri share the same house together in Japan somewhere. And that same J-VIP source told me about Kiko & GD dating before it happen. So…..

    If GD date Kiko that good for him.
    But GD date Seungri I am support him.

  4. Oh please, he just admitted that Kiko and GD are a couple.
    I mean, isn't that obvious? Like, she unfollows him, he unfollows everyone, and then a private account. I bet they follow each other there, in his new account, and there they express their love and passion.
    That unfollowing 'thing' was just a trap for ppl to believe they've broken up and shit…
    Can't blame him, wouldn't like my bf to be called ugly things by ppl that don't know him….
    This is just too funny, tho. Like, ppl who shipped CL, Dara and others, might had been like "yess!" Not even me like GD with Kiko, but, that's the one he loves, and nope, it's not broken up….
    Well, time will tell…. haha

  5. So many people are trying to make a connection. Maybe maybe not. Kiko unfollowed him and he did unfollow everyone. Some thought it was maybe a glitch and then here comes his posts. "Missing you" " So lonely" and "I hate this spring" then the songs that he were posting up almost all of them are talking about love and love gone wrong. On Kiko's instagram April 1st, She post up a song by Marvin gay called "That's the way love is" The lyrics of the song tells you basically that love can be here today gone tomorrow. "The guy you loved departed Oh your left alone and broken hearted. Ooh love just come and goes how long its gonna last nobody knows" I know they had a alleged relationship and now they "allegedy" broke up. I believed they were dating and I believe now that they broken up. In my heart I do. If I am wrong then I will just be wrong. It will come out eventually.

  6. Gosh Danny doesn't confirm anything, he just gave an example of "Social media going a little bit too far", when people like to read into GD's SNS updates TOO MUCH. Can people just stop creating drama?

  7. Once again, Fans have gone too far. I hope the ones who made GD create a private acct are satisfied now….
    Lets just be happy for both of them, whether they're together or not. 

    BTW, I totally ship Dumbfoundead and kiko. LOL!!! 

  8. Very puny. Lol. I love the sarcasm on those stupid brainless people bashing Kiko for their own wild guesses and imaginations. What makes them so sure about it.
    Dear "so-called" VIPs (u are not fit to be a VIP becuase of the dumb actions u did), If u love GD, respect him and people around him. You as fans should know that he is a person who values relationships (friendship, kinship, etc, not only love) and he will be hurt if u hurt people around him. How would u feel your friends got hurt because of u?
    Why can't u people just put yourselves in his shoes? He had been so giving, creating Twitter and Instagram; openly liking pictures and sharing pictures. But people just have to take it further and treat him as if he is their "possession". He doesn't have to account to any one of u. He is selling his songs, not his soul and body. If u love him, treat him right.

  9. I don't like this GD Kiko stuff AT ALL. Sometimes I wonder what makes Korean or Asian artists so different from the rest of the humans on this earth that makes it forbidden for them to date. Seriously some stans have to get a life because none of you have a chance with GD. Whoever he chooses to date is none of your business so what sense does it make to bash Kiko (I just figured out who she is btw)? It's just crazy to me. It's a good thing Jay Z and Beyonce and every other non-Asian couple are not Asian, huh? I wonder if that sounds racist. Oh well it's not racist it's the truth.

  10. Is danny really confirm that gd was dating kiko?? Or he just make a sarcasm toward the fans react of gd big unfol?? However I always felt that theyre dating.. whether its real or not just leave the boy alone

  11. Stop saying people are too sensitive when they're the main people concerned and say they're offended, please.
    I think we're not listening to the good people there. If Japanese people or Asian or POC in general are offended, there must be a GOOD reason behind it for fuck sake.


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