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  1. Did the government have to reopen schools this soon?…
    why is the government putting the lives of Kenyans at risk?..Hope the government will not used this to reintroduce the said vaccines we had rejected as a country to our children.Covid is deadly….President Uhuru,Cs Magokha,Cs Kagwe,Dr Amok.,Sossion,Kuppet,Knut,Cotu,TSC…….stop gambling with the Innocent lives of Kenyans…the lives and safety of our children,teachers and all school staff is paramount….It safer to close school until a medical remedy is gotten.Just like the previous SARS virus and MERS virus….. medical cures and remedies were found finally.WHO and UNICEF seem to be part of the children vaccine conspiracy

  2. There is no second wave. .it is all fake…KTN NTV have all been paid to do the dirty work of Marxist Globalist trying to enforce the so called UN Agenda 2021 And UN vision 2030….our government is embracing Marxism and Fascists ideology all paid for by people like George Soros…

  3. my friend lost a family member,who waz there bread winner due to covid-19,she now in school ..plzzz magoha if u r a parent u must understand pple n diffrent backgrounds not every student was doing smthng stupid others were helping there parents so what do you expect? from that family that girl was selling on the road in order to get money to put food on the table for her young ones😢😢🥺

  4. Don't be cheated in the western countries no worries
    We call these underestimation and hypocracy a notion that the whole world is stupid except the Asian and the west they have achieved their goals let them eat it and get fat show me one person who will not kick a bucket in the world the desease was mean,nt to scare the under pirvilaged third world
    I said it from the beginning these disease never existed its just a control freak hoax impoased mentality
    All these figures are cooked

  5. At the recommendation of the WHO, measures are being taken worldwide to protect people from the consequences of the coronavirus. Some governments also use force to implement these recommended measures. The question that increasingly arises is whether these measures do more harm than the coronavirus itself.

    Here is my film on the subject:

  6. Why is it only after uhuru visited France,what is the deal? kenyans are in the hands of God not you leaders,at the look of things it's like there is a hidden agenda ,knowing that you leaders hold meetings, campaigns all over the country ,do you expect trees to come or people,,it's high time you do something meaningful and stop testing people,because you cant test without solution,you are just spreading fear,if you cared for kenyans you could not start campaigning, even the president has been busy attracting crowds ,take care because God is going to ashame you

  7. Badala mfungue boda mnatufanya tupite panya root eti kisa coronavirus mamamazenu nyie navyo watamani wajinga nyie njoeni TZ njoeni Tanzania, week 2 niliokaa huko Mombasa utasema nimekaa miaka mwili palivyo kuwa pagumu everything is hard and complicated in Mombasa because of coronavirus aise alafu wakenya walivyo soma na wanavyo pelekeshwa kama mabumbumbu

  8. Fuck Kenya's I was there yesterday kila siku coronavirus coronavirus na week zote 2 nilio kaa Mombasa hakuna aliekufa nyie wakenya washamba ambao mesoma njoeni Tanzania fushaisahau coronavirus na mamake coronavirus

  9. Sweethearts,,, fellow Kenyans,,, Corona is real,,, I'm in the middle East the safety measures are still intact also France have already have their second wave and many have been affected so please let's be seriours,,, let schools be closed till further notice,,, live matters.🤏


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