Ameera and her powered gang plagued the city with their ruthless and unlawful companies. Efforts to tame their nefarious actions results in many shallows.



  1. I think Nollywood has to improve. I am sick and tired of a movie in the age where gun shoot kills without blood spots. We need to try to make things look professional.

    Someone may see this bad but the issue is that we learn with everything we see in movies. Someone who has seen many of this Nollywood gun shoot may not be aware of how dangerous a gun could be as Nollywood movies hardly shows this.

  2. Waiting for d concluding part…but as i always say…..ur cursing is too much…EPE YIN TI MA N POJU…..AWWNNN I don't like staying where dey are cursing or hear it atall…i pray u hear and change…anyway interesting


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