As coronavirus circumstances proceed to surge throughout a lot of the U.S., well being care staff are as soon as once more going through shortages of emergency protecting gear. Dr. Uché …



  1. If this upsets you, tweet at @jaredkushner tweet at @realdonaldtrump @pressec @ivankatrump and ask them what was higher priority over the last 8 months than enacting defense production act and forcing @3M to make us PPE

  2. I just want to make a special mask clear thermoplastic rubber. I repeat and repeat and repeat since april. and still need donations to get moving with it its been on pause since then. now I'll need to step into hyper drive mode if by some miracle I finally raise enough donations to do this proper mask invented and designed only for this pandemic to offer greater protection.

  3. The noose that "freedom" has become is tightening upon all of the fools. A virus that has about 15 genes is totally having it's way with humans that have around 33,000 genes. It's drunks and the alcohol industry that profit from them killing us. No Fools, no virus !! Going forward I will respect the viruses , humans , not so much.

  4. Those who have neglected their health should get ready to die particularly drug abusers , reckless diabetics, non compliant ones.
    I dont believe these can be saved since our resources will be used to save healthy ones.
    This virus is going to linger on and will take out 3 to 5 million easily.

  5. What we need are c a p r s and p a p r s. These are self-contained air filtration systems that healthcare providers can wear to stay safe. And they are reusable and safer than a n95s. But they are like two grand to pop. This is what we need. Unfortunately they are also in short supply. For hospital has a total of like six units It's a big city hospital some of them are used in the ER some of them are used by anesthesia for rapid sequence intubation

  6. Yes to race being a factor but it is NOT as a social determinant of health, In other words it's not their social or social economical status that is driving there poor outcomes. It is in fact a genetic predisposition to poor outcomes for some reason and it is not just African Americans it's also Latino Americans. It's not about race it's about genetics and I have firsthand experience.

  7. This is what happens when we have a clown in charge of the Federal response. I thought Trump Administration was setting up supply chains and helping get us ready in case of a overlap of Flu and Coronavirus, but NO they have declared "Mission Accomplished" and just denying that its a problem.
    Register to vote today and ask for mail ballot or if you go to the polls WEAR A MASK ! Vote like your life depends on it, "because it does!" VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN 2020!! Vote blue from local elections to the Presidency 2020!
    Trump and the Republicans do not care about anyone but their big donors and keeping power! The Trump Administration, the DOJ, and 13 Republican Attorney Generals are currently at the Supreme Court to abolish the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) and specifically the clause for pre-existing conditions which would affect everyone and over 30+ million families currently receiving healthcare insurance through the ACA would loose coverage during a Pandemic!! Vote to save America!


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