On this installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew discusses the New York Occasions report on the president’s taxes and its potential political …



  1. What does Trump own? I am pretty sure it is over 2 billion of just real estate. If he owes 300 million he could sell a few properties. If he avoided taxes legally, what is the issue? Why don't any of the 4 talk about his assets?

  2. I think is dirty to have his taxes released illegally and people should go to jail. Pelosi, Waters, etc should have theirs exposed.
    I don't care, as does not most Trump supporters. We think you guys are trash.

  3. The interesting thing to me is that 400m dollars is a personal debt. The implication is that nobody was prepared to lend to his businesses as they felt the risk of a court enforced restructuring under chapter 11 bankruptcy is too high.

  4. Note that Trump has never really denied the details of the story. He said "I've paid a lot in taxes" but never states these are federal taxes, he's talking about 'other taxes' (this could be sales tax for all we know). Every time, he either dodges, or when asked specifically about federal tax, he brags about paying very little or zero (which he has bragged about in previous years).

  5. I have a question, and I'll admit at this point that it's highly hypothetical. Suppose that Biden wins and Democrats take the Senate. (Not an unreasonable outcome given your current forecast. :)) Would the threat of "court packing" be sufficient to keep the Supreme Court from going too far into "right field"?

  6. He donates his presidential income to charity. How much tax should he pay on that exactly?

    Also the tax laws he uses to pay the minimum in tax were in place long before he took office. How exactly is it his fault that he's following the law?

    You people are insane.

  7. Trump owes billions – Eric Trump says the family gets it's money from Russia – Trump refuses to stand up to Russia on any issue – Ukraine, Europe, poisonings in Britain, bounties. You do the math – there is a reason he won't show his taxes.
    Selling the US out to Putin.

  8. As always I enjoy your pod casts and extensive knowledge expressed – yet Nate Silver do something about your monster size mic so we can see your face in full when you speak! Good stuff

  9. Dudes, the obvious reason the NYTimes is not releasing the tax returns themselves is so that they can keep writing exclusive stories about them. After all, they're a business and trying to make money by writing news articles. Great chat!

  10. I love coming on your pod and saying "nothing matters." You know this doesn't matter. Is an incorrigible going to say "he didn't pay his tax? Oh it's biden for sure now." Nothing trump does changes his support. Unfortunately that is not true for biden. So if biden paid 10k tax but should have paid 12k, he would be seen as untrustworthy bc he represents as an honest man. Trump makes no contention that he is honest or a role model or someone you should leave your daughter alone with and his supporters do not care. Trump is the manifestation of "buyer beware." You know if left alone with trump, your daughter may get fondled or solicited for sex. She should have known better being in the room alone with a greasy sleeze. But Biden is the good grampa so when he is seen massaging young interns shoulders and leaning in for a whisper, that is more damaging to him bc he says "I am not a greasy sleeze, vote for me!"

  11. Any one else still think a two (or more) party system is good for an actual democracy? Can THIS Democracy be saved? Is it worth trying to save? I think it is. To ME—actual "Make America Great Again" would mean getting us back to a place where honest people who sincerely want to do the best they can for American Citizens would be able to have arguments, discussions, consensus. I don't think this can happen with almost ANY of the GOP Sellouts & Trump Buttlickers currently in office, but maybe….if actual, decent conservatives regained power within their currently disastrous party???? I don't know. Life long liberal, just sad where our country is at.

  12. Pelosi could do something though she gave up a weapon by not shutting down the government like the GOP has done. There are many corrupt and crooked Trump officials including Trump who merit impeachment. It probably would be better to not impeach Trump again though he richly deserves it. Barr is a clear choice who's committed several unconstitutional acts acting as Trump's lawyer instead of for We the People. Impeachment should cause the Senate to take care of that first though corrupt McConnell would try to ignore it to ram through this nomination.

  13. In fairness: Nate noted that Gorsuch is not Trump 100%, 100% of the time.

    We can keep Gorsuch. I'm ready to string up Trump's other mothereffers he's putting on the SCOTUS.


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