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  1. I'm big fan of Dr. Greer– he speaks truth to powers in control– I don't have science background– We know Wikipedia has a lot of disinformation (likely 3 letter agency controls it) Was looking for evidence of the Tesla zero point energy car- this result came up (we know Google buries/ censors search results) but if anyone has evidence I'd appreciate any comments so I can understand better– here is link

  2. No offense but if this stuff is true and the information is as sensitive as steven claims, why would they just let him put these videos on youtube? I have seen many people shut down for far less in recent times. My guess is that alot of these ideas are taken out of context or exagerated. Just a guess.

  3. I like how he claims Dr. Hal Puthoff claims told him if he came out publically that they already had this technology, he and his family would be killed… So what does Steven Greed do? Reveal this info publically to an audience puts it online. 😂

  4. Rubbish. Tesla only had theories. No facts. He had some ideas that he couldn't get out of theory and other people perfected some of his ideas. His theories on free energy are just that, theories. No facts, just like the Dr. All he is doing is repeating other people's lame theories that he or they can't prove. Tesla may have had a lot of patents, but that doesn't make him correct. Anybody can get as many patents as they want. Every one the Dr. mentioned only had theories, not facts. He or they have no such knowledge of magnetism, nor any device, machine or apparatus to produce free energy. "God Based Magnetism" on YouTube explains all disciplines of science with facts, not theories. Nice try.

  5. Gee, lots of new words I can't find in the dictionary… obvious conclusion, it must be real. So where does the energy come from? When will it get here in a form we can use it? Can't wait for free unlimited energy at my house.

  6. The energy and technology in Large Hadron Collider, CERN in Switzerland is another research facility that uses Standard Model of particle physics in many ways to manipulate atoms. The elites hides a lot from us.

  7. You're all missing the game. 2.8 million views = $28,000 payment from YouTube to Steven Greer; about a penny per click.

    Youtube could care less if a video is true of false, they make money on inserting ads into content. Youtube has powerful AI, but it's used to maximize their revenue, not sort out whether content is factual or just plain crap.

    There's no such thing as 'free' or 'excess', or 'limitless' energy. I wish there was, but anyone who paid attention in high school physics knows this. Using Tesla's name just increases hits. The fact is that during Tesla's time the difference between electrostatic energy and electromagnetic energy was unknown. Tesla's worst mistake was assuming electrostatic energy behaved like mechanical energy (sound waves) and therefore could be gathered from lightning on the huge tower he started to build, them stored inside the earth then distributed anywhere. I agree he was a genius, but he was dead wrong on this point. There are plenty of Youtube video's debunking Tesla's claims on this. He even filed a US Patent on this which anyone can still read and realize the error.

    If any of this crap was true, Elon Must would already own it. Big money is made by doing great things, not promoting and hand-waving and implying there's something magic, 'unknown' and 'secret' is crap. Just read the patent on, search on Nikolas Tesla.

  8. He loves to talk and complain but still takes money from Rockefellers to just tickle your ears , meanwhile Trump is donating his time and really doing something planned. Keep talking Greer that's what your paid to do. Right?

  9. If you are controlled then by definition you are a slave. The man just explained to you that this OPPORTUNITY is kept from the masses by the cabal. Because they control us. Because we are their slaves. Your opportunities ARE limited intentionally and your expense. Because you are a slave. And you are brainwashed divided up set against each other to prevent the slaves from uniting. Hatred is now a target. You are not allowed to hate anybody or anything. Hate speech laws. Any form of resistance is subliminally manipulated out of you. Compliance is your every day medicine. Because HATE brings change and that is what is actually required yet it's intentionally presented as criminal behaviour.

  10. thank you dr greer, i have been involved in tesla for the last couple years, mr tesla wanted free energy for everyone,yes i believe its time to get rid of power companies, they have been ripping off everyone for several decades. i read an article about a man that was promoting free energy and was sentenced for 2 years in california prison, he did not get a trial. if we the people got together in large numbers could get that overturned


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